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Aloe Leaves

Medicine Rooted in Connection, Collaboration and Community

Throughout history cultures around the world have included mind, body AND spirit in practices of healing. They have honored both the healing properties of natural world and the innate self-healing force within each of us. Deep Roots Medicine and Dr. Alli Svobodny, ND strive to bridge the functional medical knowledge of modern times with this profound ancient wisdom.

I will look at the whole picture of your health—mind, body, energy and spirit—through an analytical and intuitive lens.  Your plan of care will be created collaboratively; honoring your wisdom, my wisdom and the wisdom of the divine.
Dr. Alli Svobodny, ND

Dr. Alli Svobodny, ND

Licensed Naturopathic doctor, holistic intuitive and group healing facilitator

I am committed to helping you reconnect with your innate wisdom and chart a path towards health, wholeness, and vitality. You possess an inherent ability to heal. My role is to assist you in overcoming any barriers that may obstruct this natural process.

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